Penya Barcelonista Lisbon

Snooker Club Lisbon is meeting point of the Penya Barcelonista Lisbon since 2005. Considered by FC Barcelona as the best Catalan Penya the world, receives weekly culés living in Portugal or that visit us.

Portuguese, Catalan, Castilian, Basque or Galician, all are welcome, not only to see the best football in the world but also to watch sports events of various types, were it not for the FC Barcelona club with more titles sports in the world.

For but information, and to learn how you can join our culé family, we advise those interested to visit the facebook page of the Penya, where you can find information about the games, activities and other news.


Facebook Penya

Visit the Facebook page of Penya Barcelonista Lisbon and stay in touch with all the news from Barca.