Billiards School Snooker Club Lisboa

The project Snooker Club Lisboa passes, from the outset, the aspect of training. Thus, because we believe that to train future champions we have to have the best of us, it is with immense pride that we inform all stakeholders that we will count with the presence of our dedicated Pool and Billiards coach, Henrique Correia.

For the less attentive, it should be noted that all the studies point to the importance of billiard education in its different aspects, the psychological and physical development of children and youth. Your child (a) has problems of lack of concentration in class? The pool will help. Often have difficulty handling precision instruments, especially if they are small and require a steady hand? Well, know that the fine motor skills is one of the vital elements for the development of a player.

Henrique Correia

Also for those who have difficulty in mental calculation, or understand the laws of physics, nothing better than the pool or snooker for the quick thinking and understanding of physical phenomena are seized quickly.

If you want to give the first shots in a new world, or if an amateur player willing to evolve and surprise colleagues and friends, this is also a
excellent opportunity to bring a little more serious about their hobby. But if your interest is to become themselves, or their descendants, the new “Ronnie O’Sullivan” the Pool School Snooker Club is also able to provide the necessary technical developments. In short: we adapt perfectly to the level of each student (a), always with the objective of providing you a solid learning with firm foundations and always ready to be able to go beyond.

Prices, Conditions and Schedule

Duration of the Classes: 1h30

  • Schedule 1: 10h30/12h00;
  • Schedule 2: 13h00/14h30;
  • Schedule 3: 14h30/16h00;
  • Schedule 4: 16h00/17h30;
  • Schedule 5: 17h30/19h00;
  • Schedule 6: 19h00/20h30


  • Group Classes: 15€ / per class (maximum 4 students per table);
  • >Individual Classes: 30€ / per class (maximum 1 student per table);

Group Classes:

  • 10 Classes – 130€ (minimum 1 class per week)
  • 20 Classes – 250€ (minimum 1 class per week)
  • 40 Classes – 400€ (minimum 2 classes per week)

Individual Classes:

  • 10 Classes – 275€ (minimum 1 class per week)
  • 20 Classes – 500€ (minimum 1 class per week)
  • 40 Classes – 900€ (minimum 2 class per week)

Registrations: Send us an e-mail with your personal data (copy of the front and back cover of your personal ID card), your address, your phone number and your e-mail to


Our Coaches

Henrique Correia

Henrique Correia account in your resume with several medals of which stands out 3 times Individual National Champion Pool (2001/2008/2011) Athlete of Year Pool of the Portuguese Federation for 5 times ( 2001,2005,2006,2010 and 2011) among many others made at national and international level.