Snooker Club Lisboa

Founded the 17th May, 1989 by António Almeida, this is a spot conceived for snooker and pool lovers, but also for those who wish to try the best bar/lounge portuguese and international gastronomy.

September the first was the date Royal Topping Portugal started a new era at Snooker Club Lisboa. Isabel Correia Maurício is the new manager. Miguel Sancho is responsible for the Sports and Public Relations Managing áreas.

10 billiard tables, restaurant and bar.

60 seated positions, smokers gallery and a very special and private “Fireplace Lounge” for darts lovers.

If Snooker/Pool is not your cup of tea, our Club will also be your  choice if you want nice, relaxing music and the best drinks in town. Never miss our special pint of beer: incredible lasting cold beer. Come and try it!

The Club

Very proximity of the blame to the famous Parque Mayer, where the great representation of art names made their careers, Snooker Eagle Club has become a national reference to the long of years, the “second home” of big names national stage, with special emphasis on the late Antonio Ugly, regular customer of this house forever. Other famous names such as actor José Raposo, guitarist Angelo Freire, singers Paulo Gonzo, Manuel João Vieira and Rita War or the TV presenter Pedro Fernandes, continue to Snooker Club a unique place, where surprises happen every day …

Above all, the selected atmosphere makes everyone feel good and at home. Are beginners and top players, the Snooker Club Lisbon has the door open to all who wish to spend good moments of joy and pleasure.

The Club

More than just a Club!

The Barcelona Penya in Lisboa has its headquarters at the Snooker Club Lisboa. FC Barcelona considers it the very best in the whole world. The best sport events are to be watched here in the best possible conditions.

European nights are our best: 4 channels broadcasting simultaneously on 8 LCDs spread all over the place.

Our decoration is old school. You will find wood and pastel colours for the most relaxing moments you can have at the capital. Photographs of the best snooker players are decorating our walls and inspiring each shot.