Snooker & Games

With large areas to practice pool (over 200 m2), the Snooker Club offers 10 superior tables: four pool (9 feet), four Portuguese pool – the most typical variant of our country – and two snooker (a 10 feet for training and other “full size” 12-foot Star brand, the one table of the existing professional circuit in Portugal).

All tables are equipped with cloths official competition, have individual electronic marker and side tables, and the Star table has its own heating.

“To start this new project, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of the Penya of sporty design Barcelonista of Lisbon, along with the Club snooker, entered in the competitions of the Portuguese Federation of Billiards a team in Pool variant another Pool Portuguese and another of snooker.

That is the basis of excellence, with the new management, he was also born a pool School, which has in its ranks with two of the best national coaches mode: João Grilo.

At the same time, the Snooker Club is also long been home to the billiard teams Club Millenium BCP and the preferred space of pool competitions organized by the South Bank Employees Union and Islands, two partnerships that much honor us.

In addition to billiards, Snooker Club also offers other options, such as an electronic machine darts, card games and table (chess, checkers, backgammon).

But because we want nothing is missing, sell sports equipment (golf clubs, gloves, chalk, arrows, etc.) through a partnership between the Snooker Club Billiards and Shopping Cart.

Price of the Games