António Almeida founded the Snooker Club and was its leader for 25 years. September the 1st 2015 was time for Isabel Correia Maurício to sease the opportunity of reviving the Club . With Miguel Sancho as Sports Manager – also snooker commentator for Eurosport – this project is becoming known for the best reasons and is already a reference in Lisbon nights.

Ten top quality tables implanted on 200 square meters 4 tables of Portuguese Pool, 2 Snooker tables – one of the two is a full size Star, the only professional table in Portugal.

Isabel Correia Maurício

All tables have official competition table cloths, individual electronic marker and side tables for your drinks. The Star table is a heated snooker table.

Excellent conditions and a new approach to this activity led to the creation of a Billiard School inside the very Snooker Club Lisboa. The best national coach is with us: Henrique Correia.

In addition we also provide other options such as an electronic darts machine, games of cards or checkers.

O Club

We try to leave nothing to chance, by providing sports material our clients can buy (cues, gloves, chalk, darts, etc.), thanks to our partnership agreement with Bilhares Carrinho.

Our team is at your disposal
Our team is at your disposal